Whirlwind warrior build, bored of overpowered rogues/wizs?

Changing some wrong items:
Axe to Hammer( thx rubik)
up momentum to (8)
change wrong neckacle

Added video with changes.
now can hit 1-1,5b
Still searching a nice pet with nice affixes .

Other builds videos
rogue chakram 19b:https://youtu.be/1K-c8rz6M5s

Why living force?

mirroring the same question

watching the video, blood magic and glass cannon is an extremely risky combo with your health getting practically way too low for comfort in three or more spins.

Whirlwind isnt a skill a would focus on getting huge numbers with, but rather getting TONS of hits from. For that, you want Cooldown Reduction.

Multi Attack, Extra Attack Chance, Attack Speed, Living Force, all doing nothing with WW.
Golden Veins is not optimal either.

I’d substitute 5000 Ice Dmg for all of those that you can, and switch to a hammer with WW. That would be a good base for cranking dmg up higher.

I would like to thank the thinkers that think they thunk the thoughts they theorized.

Thx for advices (Sry my english)
Living force neck was a error , wtf
Changing axe for hammer
Risky kombo, i m looking for pet with hp lech .
Now i waste all my 1.7 cristals and need farm with 1.8 sick bonus xD