White box causeing weapon loss please help

I loaded floor 34. After it loaded my hired wizard was dead. He was alive before i changed maps. I revived him but his health bar was empty and he was missing his head. I pressed on his portrait and everything was a white box with question marks. I started pressing on items in his inventory and the first thing i selected was a weapon. After a few more clicks his inventory screen came back but thd weapon was a white box. I went to main menu and when I loaded a new map his main weapon is a white box. Every weapon i try to equip disappears and i can’t download him to fix it. Please help.


I decided after losing all my weapons trying to equip a weapon to my hired wizards main hand white box eating crap bug. I reinstalled the game as that was the only way to get the server to let me upload my character data. Lost about a weeks worth of leveling and items.