Whose the #1 now in eternal league?


plsss tell me…


Go arena -> Arena Leaderboards (Look at right-up corner) -> Done


No since Leaderboard players are very active and prepared a good and well build Avatars


@Kaboodle you are the #1 now in the leader board wow…


Lol you and I are always battling at #1 and btw your new build is annoying cause of that swap skill


Hahaha thanks for noticing but then … as always all build are killable for now… otherwise you over exploit the game just to get on top… that would be a hall of shame


yeah right all build are killable specially that im_mortal build hahahahahaha 7seconds is all i need


Not me since I forgot about arena for some time lol.


Never forget. Everyone wants to be number 1.


@Kaboodle Long time no look.,naglalaro ka pa?


I got lucky i guess. Good fight though. :smile:


FYI my picture above is not meant to be disrespectful.

Its because of the respect that i have for good players that i post this. It’s like a “milestone” to get to the level where i can play against the top 1% of this group.

Thank you for a great game, and allowing us to play it.


@Indy Nothing you have ever posted is remotely close to being disrespectful. Stay the course. You respect your fellow players and that is obvious. @Kaboodle is an awesome player. It would be nice to see him back.


#1 scooty the top player. Missing some legit enemy like kaboodle . malunya. Manong hilario. Astarte. Cuzegspike . that battling for the crown . not like this era almost newly create account that reaching top 1 :joy:


Lol.,@zaraki that what you treat ur competitors?.,an enemy?:joy::joy::joy: we have this called sportmanship aren’t we?btw erase are waving hi to you.,:grin::grin::grin: and so does AS mr pepito​:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Ikr dude . u dont understand wat im saying haha . its called enemy because we are battling for crown and this is a only a game so wat are u want to call them ? Haha btw i dont hate them actually larrybird and astarte are my friends okiedokie?


Btw i stop competiting now for crown i already reach again wat i want . like last patch .

0% .


That’s too kind @ZARAKI. It is hard for me to not be competitive in this game. I would still like to see 100 players in Eternal Div 1 but that may not happen again.

It would be nice to have Malunya, Kaboodle, Larrybird, Erase, Bekhor, Sir Galahad, Tyron, Deathgg, Roykiyoy, Pangahazz, Kaizoku, Midlumer, Cuzeg, Astarte and so many others all back and active… yes, there are a lot of shake and bake builds nowadays.

I do miss the players I played against a long time ago like diieter, refia, cronos, Griffin, Emman, Rubik, Clogon… I cannot go back to those times but it was nice to have very smart and legitimate opponents.


Missing old days. And i also missing some group of cheaters that liking their own ass and saying that they are strong to others and they are calling us weak . like path/perfect/schaza/abner/ the team that never surrender in terms of perfect eternal pet :joy:


lol :smile: .