Whose the #1 now in eternal league?


Id rather called it rivals lol @zaraki​:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:,as for sir astarte i dont know ha ha.,but for sir larrybird i dont think so​:joy::joy::joy:.,id rather believing in mr scooties statement for those tough rival attatch to AS gamers.,but they never mentioned you as one of thier friend.and yes @mr scooty id love to see those legendary battlers back again coz i nver witnessed your era.,i only heard it from my @S senpais.,sad to say even sir malunya’s ai was being put in banned league at present.and most of them had retired thier ign.,only galahad,erased,and i think tyron has left but not active anymore and has no interest of competing For the throne anymore.


:joy: so im a lonely player here :cry: it hurts . i dont hv friends​:joy: . will u be my friend :joy: or my wife? I love you :heart_eyes: . yeah its my decision to call everyone as my enemy or competitor . but in end or in real if they cant notice me as their friend for me they are my loving friend mwuahh mwuahh tsupps tsuppss :kissing_heart: like you u are my friend but whats your ign again ? :heart_eyes:


Lol​:joy::joy::joy: how can you have friends if they dont know who you really are.,using different identity.,show me your legendfounds progress i will tell you my ign though its quite obvious because i already told whats my purpose in coming here in forums.,.if you want proof of legitimacy in regards with dq account i will gladly provide given that you will do so.what now @zaraki’,.challenge accepted?or you gonna make an excuse???


My name is kenfachi zaraki from soul society. And 11th captain in our town . i like killing hollows and fighting different powerful opponents . i dont like chocolate .and btw no one want to see my eye if i remove my eyepatch everything will destroy .legend found? I dont know that thing . serrey.


And im ichigo kuruzaki fr kurakura district​:joy::joy::joy:misleading the challenge kenfatchie zaraki???:joy::joy::laughing: