Hi I just created my orb, I just had a question on my last affix

Crit DMG 74%
Crit chance 14%
Hp regenerate 475
Hp +4800
Attack speed 6.9% yellow affix :frowning: I gave up trying to get orange
Damage 43%

Now,before I had the DMG % my DPS was 673,after I added it my DPS is still 673…why?

Affixe based on your weapon damage
600DPS + 50% = 900DPS

So let me see if I got this right, the 50‰ DMG epic affix is only useful if you have it on your weapon? So having it on my orb has no purpose?

50% DMG can only be found on main/off hands btw
But offhands doesn’t give that much dps, so pretty useless atm

Thank you bossss great tip