Why are Battle Arena rewards so lackluster? P.S Question

There are about 5 leagues and we have to get 1000 points each, which is fine but the rewards are vanity items with not even a little bonus? Plus the Rouge vanity back is horrible and almost not noticeable compared to the Mage and Warrior…

I have a question about the Arena Chests:

What happens if I move the chests and open them with say a level 50 character, will I still be able to get the rare LEGEND trophies or the rare “item” pieces advertised in the front of battle arena? I ask this because it seems it only generates lvl 50 items if I open with it and I am assuming those items are 99…

Is it true top players will get rewards or is that rumors? (What is considered top…)

If you didn’t get a gladiator piece and move up a league, does that mean you will never get that piece since you can’t move back league?

WTF…omg I didnt know… really so I just click convert?

yes use convert to get better gear.

Just for clarification, is there a chance that legend or eternal chest can spawn rare Legends and Pets?

No, you can’t get any pets from chests.

Alright, cool. Thanks for the info.