Why do boss and shrine monster seem to have increased resistance when they are about to die?

When the health bar of Cartographer and shrine monsters decrease to almost nothing, my controlled character and hireling seem to take much much more time to finish them.

Do we need need to do critical damage to finish them? Is there any threshold to finish those boss and shrine monsters? Do they regenerate health?(before I ressurrect my player controlled character for 3 times)

Maybe it’s because of the leech affix. I have encountered those kind of monsters too. They’re pretty annoying.

same here. even though their on normal map. (1-200) also they updated the game but still there’s a zombie/undying monsters.


Maybe your using crushing blow? Its a very good affix at the start of battle but it can drag the fight on longer than perhaps needed

they rage haha

Hate those mobs especially at floor 3000 at M3 it can get really annoying, you can drain their health bar in 3 secs but takes time to kill them when it looks like they almost have 0.


good thing I only play at floor 750+ haha

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LOL :joy:

Sounds like this would be the case. There isn’t anything that increases enemy’s mitigation as they get lower health.

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Its really annoying LOL :joy:… It happen to me mostly when killing epic worm… I think there’s something in the worm that other epic monsters dont… BUG?..

Is this normal: when I try to kill monster and monster kill me, their hp suddenly rise back up to full hp on certain maps?

If it’s the 3rd time you died it’s because you died too much if not nope not normal that would be a bug :smile:

I remember it happened when I only died once at some occasions

Hmm then that may be a bug on patch 2.1? And what do you do most often that seems too get it too occur

Oh this happened way before 2.1 and still does happen occasionally. On some maps I die a few times or even just once for it to occur after nearly draining their hp.

This happened since the first time I ever played this game. I remember the times when just an epic hord felt like a 30 min boss battle when I was newb.

Hmmmm interesting I know what your talking about I’ve experienced it many a time on previous patches but not as of this one you should def go and report it in the test group :relaxed:

K thanks

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It happens when you pay to rez - either the third (or higher) death on a challenge map or the first (or higher) death on a normal 1-200 map.

I know…

The problem is that it happened when I died just once out of three times which it shouldn’t do.

crushing blow causes this.