Why do I keep getting legendary weapons that I already have?


It’s a random drop. If you get repeats every time, stay the heck out of Vegas … You are one unlucky gamer!

I do not think all legendary items have equal drop rate. e.g., I have four maleficus’s gift, and double of ~15 items, with ~70ish never appear.

I got 5 cataclysm hahaha is it random? :no_mouth:

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Yes, it is random. Even if you have 100 of an item, you´ll always have a chance to get it as drop. There are some items (Nadroji Sets/Cataclysm for example), that are much rarer to get. I suggest to max Luck and Item Drop to increase your chances of getting very rare items. Also, any Nadroji Set Item increases your chance of getting extremely rare items due to its Set Affix.

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