Why does my DPS not update?

I have seen crits flashing into the hundreds of billions, why is my DPS the same as it was at level 20, 1.9 million, now that I am lv 99 and on floor 216? It would be nice to know why. I play offline because I live out in the sticks. Please contact me as to why this has occurred. Thank you.

Item building is key. Level has little to nothing to do with it.

I don’t care about level either. Why does the DPS not update? If I see huge crits in the hundreds of billions, should that represent the DPS. Item building is obviously the best way to increase this based on the same style of gameplay. If it is solely derived by item building instead of style of play then that makes sense. Level has nothing to do with anything other than to show that the DPS has not changed for 79 levels. It sounds like a bug to me. I guess it would make too much sense to just calculate DPS the old fashioned way like WOW did with recount app. Anyway, it sounds broken. Would someone verify to me exactly how the DPS counter is calculated? Thank you very much. Please don’t be so vague as to say it has nothing to do with level and everything to do with item building. A long explanation would probably be beat. To be honest, knowing is sheer curiosity. It changes nothing to know.

Power stat increases base DMG by 25. That’s it.

Also, saying you do billions of dmg at lev 21 sounds op/hacked considering a lv 21 can only wield items up to lv 42. Just saying.


DPS = ((((BWD * (1 + WD%) * (1 + WIQ)) + WD) * ED%) + ED) or something like that – Check the dictionary under formulas.

You’re misinformed on the matter. There’s nothing to be fixed. I’m basically saying that you’re still on the green. Don’t expect huge damage when you’re still relatively new to the game. Good DPS is the fruit of countless number of hours of farming. Not everyone can do billions so aimlessly. Also, in case you are pertaining to the stat page, forget about it. It’s not accurate.

tl;dr git gud

OK. It seems to me no one wants to explain anything to me properly because they think I am full of it. So let a newby school the oldbies how to get hundreds of billions of damage in a single hit. Does anybody know what damage per pierced means? If so, then go to any derivative of floor 21, 41, 61, ect. Gather up all of the creatures on the floor into one small group. Fire your shot and watch the numbers fly. For you haters that conti ue to think that I don’t know what I am talking about, let’s look at the meaning of words. DPS is damage per second. This cannot be calculated by a GEAR rating. So I beg the game makers to at least look at this BUG and call it what it is: Gear Rating. I really like this game and I thank you, the developers, for making it. An explanation seems irrelevant at this point, but things are beginning to make sense. A simple explanation seems to be the easiest (and the last post did a good job on this): The game is not set up to calculate DPS based on style of play, but rather the Gear Rating calculated in game based on what a single shot on a single foe using the default hit calculation without any other modifiers including, but not limited to, crit damage, deadly strike, haste, crush, or the like instead of style of play, level of gear, or anything that you would think could affect the damage effect.

I started this post to try to understand why the code seemed inconsistent. It seems I was looking at it from the wrong direction. I know I sound prideful, even a little pissed, but I do not tolerate people assuming I am an idiot or at the least do not know what I am talking about. Thank you everyone who posted to try to explain this. I will continue to enjoy the game regardless of how I understand the code. Thank you again.

…by the way, your argument about guided shot is invalid since 2.0 already nerfed guided shot to be additive instead of multiplicative.

Correct. It is not an understatement to say 99% of DPS comes from gear synergies. Even if anyone has the rarest legends in the world, it’s for nothing if the said player does not know how the calculations stack.

Apologies for the very first reply, since something like

isn’t coherent. At all. No one’s hating. But I do dislike your take on the matter :dieter: