Why does this hammer give me crazy running speed?

When I have this weapon equipped, my character runs super fast, is there an explanation for it? i can sprint to the cartographer in seconds.

I just started the game and I’m only level 55, but I also noticed a few strange things, sometime I don’t know if everything is working as intended or if my game is bugged

like gettings hundreds of thousands of hero points when I complete an achievement(i already placed 25 hero skills )

Also I get the frozen cartographer quite often, maybe one third of the time.

i’m playing on the highest difficulty floor 75 ans the only skill that does significant damage is Torrent.

I’m having a lot of fun in any case!

You’re having Zealotry, that’s why :smile:
Btw, the cartographer’s frozen or just untargetable? Those things are different thought.

Hey thanks for the answer. What is zealotry? I don’t see it in the weapon description.
About the cartographer, i’m not sure what the difference is, But I assume he is untargetable, because he is still moving (but I cant damage him, even with my aoe)

Zealotry is a set affix (the green one). It might not be on your hammer, but on the other gear. You can click on it to see the description, or look for it in the dictionary. Basically, it’ll increase you DMG and move SPD if you’re equipping hammer and shield.

Frozen Cartographer is an old bug, he just stand there, doesn’t move or do anything and impossible to kill. Also this bug is believed to be fixed.

Untargetable Cartographer is also an old bug, but the Cartographer works normally, you just can’t target him or see his HP bar. These are killable, but it takes some time since you can’t see his HP bar. The cause of this bug is unknown, that’s why it’s hard to fix :smile:

I see thanks, so… I do see the health bar of the cartographer but doesn’t go down despite my attacks (it’s the overhead health bar, to the target healthbar)
Does this mean I can still dps him and he will die? I will try next time it occurs

Edit: again an untargetable cartographer on first try. I can indeed do damage to him, but only with direct attack, not with AOE. And because of that it takes 10 minutes instead of 10 seconds (not exageratting)