Why don't challenge maps have an exit?

and whats the best way to exit the map after i have cleared it?

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Each floor above 200 has a cartographer, kill him, get his dropped map and go to the next floor

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oh really… thank you diieter i was always to leave the map with main menu xd

so what about lower levels ? ( I have cartographers as well, but even after killing him there is no exit

Each challenge map (including the ones you can purchase at level 20) have Carto’s in them. Vanquish the carto take their map and open it :smile:

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Once you killed the cartograpoher, the best way to exit the map is go on another map or press select floor option and click the same floor as the map or lower floor than the map. I think challenge maps dont have exits because they’re not official floors and probably, the developers wanted it this way.

thanks for the thoughtful reply, yes, I see, so I can progress thru the cartographer, (using his map) how many times can i do this? do the maps get better (more drops better quality loot etc) as i go deeper? ( just doing maps that is)