Why I love this game


You only scratch the surface. That’s all you ever do.


We are constantly surprised at all the cool builds and “things” players find all the time. It feels really good to know that something you put so much time into can be enjoyed for as long as DQ has been.


I think I am a cool summoner, procster and build maker. But I still know nothing


Your time spent is well spent. I think dq2 will be global @tdaniel


And I was not very happy when they came up with immortal build, it spoils the arena, and the desire to play pvp


Immortal… Try bleed


Did some one say bleed?? :grin:!


Remember season 1 arena. That was fun. Then the introduction of cerebral vortex and more stuff to shake things up.


i remember season 1 all elements are doing good. very awesome that all character wearing other elements comparing by their fashion. fire ice poison arcane electric. .and when cerebral was release the doom of arena has begun to ruin. :joy:


I remember season 1 when the bow waz OP :cry:


If you want to go up and enjoy the arena. Just counter the ai who beats you or give you a hard time to kill. Just spend 1week for farming. and think to how to counter that build… Just do it again and again. :grin:


Indeed. That is also the fun part imo as you succeed.


there are just so many builds to try. I recently just thought of a Reflect Damage Farm Build…sort of. it is still in the thinking stage. and yesterday I was thinking about crafting a build around Execute Damage. so many ideas to work with, not enough time it seems.


Reflect damage would very seriously work in farming. Add critical etc.


You would be a thorns farmer


haha, I am Ascending one of my Characters, and I have Dodge 60% and Block 45%, and have been farming Experience on floor 110, and on some of the maps with monsters falling out of the sky, I see a lot of Dodge and Block flying off of my Main. I can’t help but wonder how nice that would be with Reflect Damage and Redirect. I figure since most Main/Hireling set ups have the Main as Farmer, and Hireling as Monster Smasher, it might work out well.


Block and dodge and redirect on mythic 3 monsters… hmm let’s see… all there powerfull damage gets sent back by multiples wether they hit you or not. Sounds great :grin: but rubbish in pvp unless you have crazy regen :neutral_face:


yes, I tried Reflect Damage in PVP, and it takes more thinking to make it work well. Redirect works great as long as you have good Dodge/Block combo in PVE. I just have to remember that I shouldn’t rely on Redirect for everything. ended up with a lot of deaths. :cry:


I’ve heard it works with shieldwall.


I am sill using Wizards a lot. as I get my other Character slots leveled up, I will learn more about Warriors and Rogues, and get some more ideas about Skill/Affix/Set combinations. I have only recently gotten confident about using a Main/Hireling combo for farming. that +100% item drop makes me happy with all the extra loot.