Why I love this game


Hope you like this @Golem. I find 2v2 player so much harder. https://youtu.be/Yb2YH346Wx0


my 2v2 PVP is in Legend League, but it is a Farm build and an Ascending PVP build, so not very optimized for PVP. I thought it was great watching your Skull Shield and the enemies Skull Shield battles in the Arena.


I find 2v2 harder. Maybe because 1 character is ai?


I know. the one you control needs to keep the A.I. controlled Toon in mind, or there could be problems. you either need to tweak the A.I. controlled Toon the right way, or give it a build that causes problems for the other team, or be good support for the other one, or use the A.I. one as a decoy/diversion.


Or maybe just switch characters. My main becomes the toon and vice versa ?