Why I purchase gold and boosts sometimes

At first I always was the person to play any app based RPGs game or app in general without purchasing anything, I always wanted to be someone who got as good as you can get without buying from in game stores. Now I still have the same attitude but I realized something awhile back, I said to myself I really like this game how can I give back. So I bought gold and map reveal and random avatar vendor things, not because i necessarily needed them ( maybe the gold ) . But I did it because the download was free and the game took real people time to make and time is more valuable than anything. So I bought shop things to help pay many dues for playing a free game that I like. Now I’m not saying you cant enjoy it free but if you have the financial ability to pay for something to help the developers out why not they have gave me something more than money I call it excitement for suspense of the game itself.


I am the same way. a die hard don’t spend money on app games. really! I mean, they’re free. free!

and I felt the same way about DQ also. but with three Classes to choose from and only one Character Slot, I deleted my Characters a lot when I changed my mind on which Class I wanted to use or had a great idea for a Class I wasn’t using.

with Opinion Rewards, I made my first purchase, a second Character Slot. I mean, I couldn’t keep deleting my Characters all the time, could I? as soon as I can get those Dark Shadow Demonic Weapons for $4.99, I think I will have spent around $30.00ish on DQ so far. why? because DQ is very fun & worth it!

I spent well over 100$ already lol what are opinion rewards

there is this app in Google Play Store called Opinion Rewards. at the moment, I am getting about 2 surveys a month that I answer, and get from $0.10 on the low side up to around $0.60 or higher (had one giving a little over a dollar) per survey. every 2-4 months, there might be a survey that doesn’t give any reward. of the almost 30 dollars I have spent on DQ, 10 were from a Google Play Gift Card and the rest is from Opinion Rewards.

you might want to do a search online to see what the different platforms have, and if they are cross platform or not, depending on your device.

I have spent 100 UK pound over 2 years.