Why if i bought 6 slots for characters i cn only us 2

I like lots of party members, guess use to the old D&D way. I would love to be able to use all my players up to 6 if possible.

but then using 5 hirelings would mean the exp they all get(including main char) will be so much less

I thought they fixed that XP reduction bug (feature?) in the most recent patch?

yes they did, but even with +100% exp gain and you have more than one hireling, the exp you get from a mob will still be split… i’m not sure if this will make sense but for example:

a mob you killed gives 100xp. the way it works(i think) is that the exp will be split in two(so 50xp for main and 50xp for hireling). Now,with the +100%xp gain in patch2.2, your main will get 50+(100%*50)=100xp and your hireling will also get 100xp(with same calculation)

but if you have 5 chars(1 main and 4 hirelings), since the mob gives 100xp, it will be split among the 5 chars so they each get only 20xp. Even with the +100%xp gain, each of your chars will only get 20+(100%*20)=40xp which is much less than when you only have 2 chars(1 main and 1 hireling)

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I think it would be fun to go as 6 :smiley: