Why lvl 90 weapon weaker than lvl 40 one being same class?

Hi guys, I have been using an eternal hatchet lvl 40 in off hand from 1 month ago. However, i leveled up my character and now i am lvl 95. Few mins ago, I opened an eternal chest from arena reward and I got a sexy hatchet lvl 90. But imagine my surprise when I saw that this lvl 90 eternal hatchet does less damage than my lvl 40 eternal axe. I need more damage now to keep doing more difficult floors, but i don´t understand why a lvl 90 similar kind of weapon does less damage. Any idea? Is it a bug? You can see below a screenshot from both weapons.

Thank you so much in advance.

probably because of the ballista set affix.

I think because of the higher weapondamage% and attack speed since the 8000weapondamage only affect the offhand and the shown dps is for mainhand

Don’t look at dps there, look at the dps of the skill you are using for more accurate information.

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Becouse the attack speed. Higher damage per seccond, not necessarily higher damage per hit

The GUI shows the average DPS of all your skills put together. If you are only using toss then the newest eternal will be better.