Why push past floor 200?

Hey guys, I currently farm on floor 180-250 mythic 3 and sometimes go up to floor 450+ but I can’t see any reason too and the enemies just get way too hard


◆farm floor 100-200 just for resources, which mean getting low lvl eternal item is not a problem since they will just convert those. And easier to kill which make farming there will much faster.

◆farm floor 200-350+ to get specific drop for example rogue frozen set which start drop at floor 250. cataly ring, start drop at floor 300 and eternalized mythical crystalline start drop at floor 350.
*Currently where they should start drop is bugged so they drop everywhere even at lower floor.

◆Play at floor 500+ just to loot eternal item at ilvl 100. All item drop above floor 500 will always lvl 100 except for pet. So getting eternal item at ilvl 100 have more chance for some affix in it to be perfect roll or atleast near to perfect.

◆play at floor 600-??? to just play lol. probably because lower floor is way too easy. or they want to test their build limit.

Ah thank you very much! Makes perfect sense now! I have 650% luck and gold find and 190% item drop and I wipe floors on mythic 3 around floor 200 so il continue as I were :smiley: