Why ShinyBox SHOULD add an online feature to their current game

I can see that this is debated between old players/devs and new players, but this game really needs a way to play online, so I am here to give my opinion on the subject and why I think that multiplayer should get added in the game, not saying that it should be the center of the game, but just a side feature, not affecting the offline gameplay.

These days, most of the games has online features, but there is a reason for this, and it is called friend interaction. Players want to invite their friends to play the games they play, and this is how many online games get their popularity. It is the wave of today, and the next day it might be about building, as Minecraft is a big influence to young gamers, but this isn’t what I want to talk about.

Also, I don’t understand why ShinyBox would make a follow up instead of upgrading their current game and making a different game if they really want to. If they really want not to add an online feature to their current game even if it wouldn’t affect the offline gameplay, they should then have an offline feature on the follow up.

What I mean by all of this is this game needs to stay alive and grow, and the best way to do so is to target a bigger audience(and probably the biggest gaming audience) without ignoring their current audience, for sure, so this is why this game should get a side multiplayer feature without ruining the offline experience. Please put your conservative toughts aside, this is all I had to say.

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Having read the moderator comments about this idea in other threads, I would have to vote against multiplayer in DQ1, although I want MP DQ for same reasons. Mods are saying the current DQ would have difficulty with cheaters & hacked items being distributed in the community, which reminds me of Diablo 1. It didn’t take long before EVERYBODY had Godly Pate of the Whale, Godly Sword of Haste, Obsidian rings, etc which literally ruined the game.

Would rather have a cool offline DQ with continuing new gear & Dev support, and wait to see if SBI creates DQII with a multiplayer function, and gear trading system that are built to to withstand hacking. Got $20 ready SBI. Can’t wait!

True. For DQ2, there is certainely a way to play offline and still protect from cheaters. I’ve seen games letting people play offline until they close the app, and then they need internet back. I think they should still add a LAN or single device multiplayer to DQ1 though.


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One of the most simple reasons I can give for not doing multiplayer at this time:

The amount of time it would take us to change every system in Dungeon Quest to allow for online play, would be about the same amount of time it would take to create a whole new DQ game with Multiplayer integrated from the start.

When comparing the two options, a new game seems like a much better idea! If we can continue to support an Offline Dungeon Quest with new content while also developing a new game, that would be even better.

The issue also is that adding online play to Dungeon Quest would have just as much issues with hacking if we allowed there to be both offline and online play in the same game. With data being stored on the client, that almost always can be altered through memory editing programs (as opposed to being stored on a server for a online required game).

Best solution would be to have a Dungeon Quest be as it always has, offline, and to give players the option to play a separate online required game if they want to play online with friends, and have hacking be less of an issue.

Now this is all purely hypothetical of course, but hopefully helps to explain our position better :smile:


Okay, but isn’t it possible to play on the same device? Would’t it be a bit easier to do? Like a split screen or something like that…? Yes, splitting the screen wouldn’t be thaat easy, so even on the same screen, wouldn’t it work?

Same device would work, but it would really be tailored for TV consoles like Amazon Fire TV. That’s the type of thing where we just haven’t seen the demand for it, so we haven’t implemented it. If you guys really really like the idea of sharing a mobile screen though and playing with your friends that way, let us know :slight_smile:

What if we have no offline gaming friends :disappointed: :grimacing:

IMHO I’d rather see SBI focus their time & resources on releasing DQII MMO, so we can have 1000s of friends to game with rather than 3-4…ok maybe 1. And she wants to use the TV for NFL…

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Corrected the name haha

Will it be MMO? Should ask this to the devs, but it could also be more a Hack&/, because that’s how DQ1 feels like, but I would still like a lot a dungeon-focused MMO, but if ti’s an mmo, it’ll need fields/travelling…?

Made a post about DQ2:

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