Why this game is so ez? Warior class

Why this game is so ez as warior? I can rape with my mid range gear super maps p8 with no problem (44k dps). Sometimes Im getting 1hit ko but most of the time I just rape :imp:

You’ve your answer, it’s easier as warrior!
Reroll as wizard ;D
And try the maps over 200!

Cant roll wizz atm - dont have extra slot bcz my phone wont work with google wallet :smile:

I think its easier if you pick wiz, long range + fast kill and fast farm

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it isnt - try floor 200 @ep8, and you’ll see what i mean (haunting, freezing, explosive, bewildering, thorns)

I think its easier as wizard xD

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Playing wizard with bracer (shield converting mana as HP) with 40k mana, and still dying with a single TNT - 1 single arcane explosion - or 2-3 meteors (without counting mobs DPS)

My hired character made with random tanky build (only legends item, not maxed or rerolled), can endure 5x more damage, and it’s a random useless stuff found weeks ago and still not changed/rerolled/maxxed or built by myself.

So yeah, tbh, warriors can do these floors easier :smile:

When i get to floor 1000 ill show u how i did it xD let me get it there first hehe

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Ohhh now that i got lot of legends i can go like candy candy withou worry about nothing xD mobs kill themselves

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Can i survive in higher maps without a hired char?

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I do better solo than with a hired character xD

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Soloing maps with imp at my side - soon Im gona buy dog :mrgreen:

As for rampage… Atm Im at floor 222 ep8. And it took me like an hour to get there… Ofc I die sometimes to slow,freeze,stun etc procs but most of the time its fast run on EP8 :imp:

Dunno how about wizz bcz Im unable to unlock slot but I think that wizz would be even better in speedruns :] What is huge dissapoint is that stupid ladder message - it covers potions :angry:

We’re disabling that message soon

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Just saying, I did the final 20 floors with Warrior at ep3; the hardest Ignis i’ve done is Floor 100 Ignis at ep8.

Mages look weak and squishy at the beginning, which can be demotivating, but are godly if you know how to play them correctly according to your build.
Mage class is way more fun than warrior imo. :smile:

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All games at first are easy as pie, but at the middle of the game things are getting harder and harder. I think nobody likes to play a hard game at first. Doing this will make the player play more and invest on their character

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Well,… I started my warior when ep5 was hardest mode and I used ep0 only on bosses - crap drops anyway so I wanted to do them asap;p

Atm Im “farming” ep8 230+ floors and its borring as hell… Everything dies so fast and those super bosses are super easy :smiling_imp: bcz theyre bugged

I just discovered the power enemy never tried it before. Now i can fight mobs tougher and can give more luck and gold find :smiley:

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Tried few runs with my warrior… still so ez on ep8 without new items :frowning:

Any way I could buy new slot via paypal? Just want to try new char bcz this one is so fking OP…

Would you mind taking some screenshots or something? =)