Why i cant get the talent skill “mirrage” from an amulet i wasted like 30 gems and doesnt appears :frowning:

Are you attempting too put it on an amulet that isn’t for rogue? and are you trying too get it as the amulets skill or as an affix?

Mirage can only put at Head Rouge Class

Thanks bro i figured it when only the game give me 5 or 6 talents… Btw i can put that talent by affix on other item that is not head? And what is the cap for an Affix talent? 9? :3

you can see all the talent available for head at stats section Talents
Talent Head for Rouge :
•Stagger 2.5% Stun Chance with Crits
•Mirage 2.5% chance to cast an additional Mirror Image
•Rebound 7.5% DMG of ricocheted bullets
•Bombardier2.5% chance to double cast with Bomb
•Veil 2.5% DMG while Stealthed
•Relentless DMG dealt to an enemy is increased +2.5% of their missing HP%

Is there a forum for talent for each item? In the codex only explain the talents :confused:
I rly need to know if whit ruby or other gem i can add mirrage (or other talent) whit 10 rank (or more) to an amulet

Thanks for all Eater :slight_smile:

nothing I guess

welcome @lean000 :slight_smile:

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it is possible too add an epic affix of mirage too an amulet with the crystal topaz assuming it has affix slots open :smile:

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You will find it in the talent section of the stat page.