Wich difficulty to play in 200+?

I just reached the floor 200+ and wanted to know wich difficulty I should play to earn stuff and crystals, I don’t want to die every minutes and lose the maps so I need help on this please !

best to play in myth 3… but if you die alot… just drop to lower dif… but never lower than myth 1… in case you want to farm crystal and stuff… try make farm build… you not necessarily farm on high level… just stick to 180~190… build up your gear… then try climbing slowly… with ascend patch coming… it not worth to push map lvl now… since if you acend… all will be reset back… just try farm and make stronger build… use this forum to the max… and may RNGesus smile on you… so far he being kind to me… :astonished:

Try to max your Gold Find, Luck, and Item Drop. Best to farm 191-200 for rare legends, and try to use the sets Eternalized, Crystalline, and Nadroji. :smile:
Play on whichever difficulty that gives you the most gain for little hassle.

Its best to play on very easy mode assuming you have the gear to have max gold find and luck. The only advantage of playing on a higher difficulty level is you get more hero points for killing epic enemies but those gains are more than offset by the slowness at which you can complete feats on veasy mode. To get 650 luck and gold find you need 2 crystal affixes of gold find and luck which will get you 450 of each. Then you need 20 fortune that will get you to 500 and get your 6 equips to have greed natures on 3, and luck natures on 3 will get you to 575. Now you just need one epic affix of goldfind and luck, preferably on your pet.

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Always use a hireling if you have one. They give a boost to Item Drop. If you use a hireling, the Luck, Gold Find, and Item Drop are averaged, so you have to compensate.

Thanks, I don’t have an hireling is there a way to earn one without playing ? And also is there a date for the 2.1 patch please ?

No, you cant earn them, and id say 1-2 months for patch but dont quote me on that :joy: also i do recormend you keep climbing because in the future when you do want to climb its gonna take a while and you can always save a map for while you ascend so no worries about loosingnyour progress :wink:

Thanks ! I will try to do this :slight_smile: