Will there be a

  1. Will this game have a trade post where you can put items on sale, buy items etc… ?
  2. Chat for talk with other ppl xD
  3. Co-op where we can find players ( or play with friends ) in dungeons.

Sorry for my bad english ^^ , have a nice day.

No worries, your English is great :smile:

  1. We actually haven’t considered this yet, but if we did, would be very careful to how it’s implemented. Would likely start with trading first.
  2. Chat would be great! We’re finishing up Accounts right now, which is the first step to a lot of these types of systems.
  3. Co-op/PvP is definitely something we’re working towards, but no estimates yet on when it will be available.

You have a wonderful day as well!

Thank you very much for tell us, and speak to us ( the players ) , most of the dev of another games don’t do this to much.
I just want to say that this game is very, very well constructed , nice items and stats on them , nice because it’s not p2w like 90% of mobile games, nice skills , and i can keep this ,nice" things all the day ^^ .
Keep up the good work, because this game it’s on the good road!

Thank you very much for posting on our forum’s and for your support!