[WIP Build] Any better mythics for my future build?

My goal build is a crushing flames chakram build with these mythics:

Cosmic orb on MH.

Idk if I’m going to do one for OH but if I do i’d choose Nova or Bloodmagic.

Either sureshot or skilled for Chest.

Possibly serenity or bloodmagic on Head.

Maybe Effective on ring if I decide not to have a lot of weaken on my gear which depends on how this build progresses.

Empyrean on Amulet

I think crushing flames don’t combo well with sureshot

Yeah looking at it rn it doesn’t seem as good as it did before especially if I have a crystal Crit Chance affix on one of my pieces

Dont bother mixing sure shot with crit or deadly chace, just max damage… sure shot should just instantly kill the enemy in one hit, no weak attacks allowed

Does it mean Sureshot will work even without Deadly Strike?


Im too tired to write a full reply :sweat_smile:



Right im good now, i slept in games design (finished all my coursework for this year, starting second year soon already :smile:)

Okay so sureshot means on the first damage effect you apply to an enemy will use the base damage of the attack then apply all your crit damage, then apply deadly strike by doubling this further
No matter what attack or crit/deadly strike chance, it will follow this…
Dont apply crushing blow, it will reduce your OHK potential, and crit chance isnt needed if you deal enough damage in one hit…

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So swap out crushing blow with deadly strike?

What no, i said no crushing blow chance, crit chance or deadly strike chance, if your using sure shot then your assuming a one shot on every enemy

Ohhhhhhh okay. I think I’ll just stick with crushing blow since it practically levels as you go up in floors rather than just single damage.

Sure shot puts a big cap on how far you can go because if they have 200k more health than the damage your one hit does then your gonna struggle to kill them after that one hit

Good for farming though

So if you’re using sureshot, will it always prob deadly strike or is that still just a chance?

Also if you’re using sureshot I assume brutal is a must

Burtal is a cant because they both have to be on chest and you cant have more than one per item

And yes its always a 100% chamce to deadly strike

Ahhhh I see, do you have to have deadly strike on a piece of gear? Or will it just do it automatically?