Witcher 3 : anyone playing?

Due to work commitments I’m only about 5 hours in, but I’m not finding it as open playable, and expansive as all the hype led me to believe and expect. I find it a little linear, and the quests have already melded into ‘same as the last one’ :confused:
I know I’m wanting open expanses but nothing for miles around to interact with, except picking flowers and herbs grows old really fast.
Is anyone into double figure hours of playing time ? Does it get any better ? Is it worth sticking with and grinding in the hours ?
I’m honestly at the point where I could easily walk away and never play again :frowning: The game has not gripped me and injected me with that “just 5 more minutes” addiction feeling, for the first time ever I’m my playing career, I looked at the clock and thought to myself “its bed time” and promptly switched off the game and went to bed, not once did I think of playing for a few more seconds/minutes, if anything I was relieved when bed time came around, to take me away from it!
Not only bed time gave me an excuse to walk away from the game, anything in normal life I was looking for to get up from the game, my missus has learnt that when a new game enters the house, I enter a bubble and emerse myself in the game, and become deaf and blind to what is going on around me, how shocked was she when I was getting up and offering to make her a coffee and talking to her, she has had months of seeing the date circled on the calendar with ‘Witcher 3’ in big red writing, the poor girl has had to put up with the disappointments when the release date has been put back, and when the game was finally released, she expected to lose me for a while, even she has commented on how disinterested I seem to be in the game.

Perhaps I chose the wrong format, I went with next gen (Xbox one), is anyone playing it on PC ? Or even better has anyone experienced both next gen and PC versions and found any differences?
I guess what im looking for is someone to tell me the game really does get better, I’m trying hard to like the game, and trying to be enthusiastic, but even now, in my time off from work, I’m writing this on a forum, instead of excitedly rushing to play the game :frowning:

Other then visuals the game is the same on pc and xbox. I’m a bit biased because I loved the witcher books and this game is easily a top 5 game for me. If your only 5 hours in your probably still in the starting area. Once you fight the gryfin and go to the next area the game gets a lot more open. I’m like 15 hours in and am a bit overwhelmed with the size of the map and the number of question marks on it. I’d say give it a couple more hours, get out of the starting area and see if it clicks.

I second this. I have a completion “issue” when I play games. If you are still around the inn at the start of the game and above level 3 you might want to move on :smile:. So far I am having a blast playing it. I also REALLY liked dragon age: inquisition. Played on both console and high end pc.

Yeah I’m also a completionist but this is one of the few games where I’m not getting burned out exploring everything and doing all the quest. Most of the side quest I’ve done so far are very well made. They have fully developed characters with fleshed out storylines.

Totally agree! It took me around 7 hours to fully explore and do all the quests in the starting zone. Just started in the second zone…:very excited! I also suggest upping he difficulty as soon as you can. Normal difficulty was a joke but the one close to the “hardest” setting seems perfect.

Rage /quit, and given it to my nephew.

To think they put back the release date several times, to iron out bugs and polish it up, that seems damn obvious that the time was not spent bug testing and putting them right!

The final straw was discovering that the game was uber linear and strict, which is a total contradiction to the whole " vastly expansive open world " that they want you to believe.
If you play the game, like they advertise it as an open world experience, you very quickly become over levelled, and therefore gain no XP from the main quest lines and secondary quests, due to quests becoming greyed out, (combine this with an XP bug that has appeared with the last update patch for dire results)

The only way to play the game is by doing everything exactly when the game tells you to do it, and ignoring everything else. Following a very rigid scheduled game is not an open world, do what I want, when I want game :frowning:

I really do feel cheated and robbed by CD Project Red, not only for the £50 paid for game, but the time spent waiting excitedly for it to be released, only to be kicked in the nuts by yet another delayed release, and cheated out of the time spent playing the abomination.


I dunno I’m like 50 hours in and haven’t even done the novigrad quest line yet and fights are still tough on death March. I guess it’s just not your cup of tea though.

I have to second the “do this right now” point. I got hit with that the first time in Friday. I didn’t complete a quest and “failed it”. I couldn’t find a way to restart it so I need to roll back several saves…about 3 hours of game play. That was rough…