Wizard build help

What exactly are you looking for help with within your build?

I need help getting to that build dont see whats wrong with it

i want a better wizard build :slight_smile:


how come there is a mythic in eternal?

You’re wondering about the helmet? Same here - can’t figure out how it would be possible O_o

@Wack:something fishy about that helmet. HAHA O_o


No need to report. It is a real item. Look at unreal hood in codex.

why reporting me its a unreal helmet i gain from eternal box T_T

@macmacpogi:kita ko nga ee. kala namin parang cheat. HAHA unreal pala tang ina di ko nakita agad kaya pasensya na !

I’m not the ‘burn-the-witch’ - type. Was merely wondering how the item was made, and I got the answer.
Thank you;)

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maka mura ka nmn grabe