Wizard farming build! is it enough?

currently in floor 220+, and get minimum of 5 legends (upto 15+if lucky) every floor farming

I use EPIC MAPS just to increase DROP RATE and with this build to maintain MP and HP

my SKULLSHIELD almost never stops spamming and incredibly fast hitting enemy (skullshield lvl40)

All ice elements to freeze my enemy while spamming BLAST skill with a chance to release TWISTER PROC, in combo with TWISTER SKILL

to sealed some pathways, I place my SKULLDRAGA so it will lessen the crowd

my question is???
Do this following items can take me up to 1000 floor and up, or how long can I continue passing every floor?

you can go up to 1000 in very easy and no pack size affixes
tip: at about 350+ you can’t rely on HP to survive

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Removing +2 set number affix from nadroji amulet wasnt the smartest idea :smile:

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Adventure amulet, how’s that? Nice skull btw


I do prepare to fight in every floor using EPIC MAP with PACK SIZE, EPIC ENEMIES, but without SKYFALL, REGEN NERF, and not more than 1ENEMY AFFIX

Do you buy maps till you get epic? And do you die often?

You know that rare map is better. Less unnecessary affixes but still have a good exp/luck/gold find

I did not die offen, maybe once if so many enemies with THORNS affix, the secrete in my build is: PERMAFROST BONUS + HARMONY affix

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Sounds very cool and not too hectic to play…
I have a twister-build with nadroij-bonus and so on, but I still keep dying on floor 200+/m3… :frowning: