Wizard Farming Hybrid 3.0

for old player build due to some eternal but good for new players as a base buils
Nature : Element
OH Special Skill : Torrent
Good luck happy farming!
tested on floor 328

Tested on floor 500+ Legend/Mythic 1

Mythic 2 -3 600+


Does it still farm fast on floor 500?

it can :smiley: up to 850 sad thing dont have a packsize map, ill try record today for a test

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this is awesome i follow this build and my crit turns into 34 to 35 million

Already spend 10 Ametist in my Bracer OH and nothing of Adventurer Set Affix :monkey:

@hazler1727 Adventurer Set can be rolled with Amethyst, so you just need to keep rolling until you get it. hope this can help.

can you help me with my dps ? i want to turn it into billions ? any guide or build ?

@hazler1727 looks like there are a bunch of threads about that, just search ‘damage billions’


@Krishnamurti haha. no, I said just search ‘damage billions’ :crossed_swords: x 1,000,000,000, not just search ‘spend billions’ :dollar: x 1,000,000,000

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Haha, Small Loan of a Trillion DMG