Wizard high dps build?

Need wizard build with high dps for pve im lvl 98 now still weak ?

You can start with a skill with many attacks per second. Eg skullshield for instance. Then having chosen your skill you can add element damage, critical stats etc to increase damage. All skills affixes increase damage to the chosen skill as does certain talents. For example , skullshield damage is increased by points into the necrotic talent. If you use element damage then any affix that reduces enemy resists is good. Look at set bonuses and mythics description in codex for ideas. It’s a huge subject so read all guides. And finally, damage also increases by floor level

you want to include affix’s that synergize together. Frozen is a very good place to start for PvE, Personally I use a gauntlet + taunt + frozen, one thing i’d say is to definitely include sanctuary.

DQ is a game where you can be creative, make builds of your own and feel free to share them!:slight_smile:


thanks for the help :slight_smile: you have a farming wizard build ?

My farming build gets to 13oo mythic 3. It requires an hireling and dies alot. Check this site out for farming builds that are better