Wizard Hireling Mass CC/Tanky Build


I’m looking for a Wizard Hireling Build which will mainly provide a lot of Crowd Control during fights. However, I have zero knowledge on wizard that is why i ask your help.

I want him to Stun, Freeze, Paralize, etc. well do everything that disable and keep them on place. So no Fear, Knockback, etc… I want them to stay grouped.

His damage dont need to be high. My Warrior is doing the killing. I want him to be Tanky too, he should be able to survive most/every fights.

I’m looking mainly for a Gear Composition to be effective. I dont want to spend too much Red Dust on him thought.

Any feedback or help will be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance!!

I made a Wizard Hireling that only Teleported and used Twister. he only had level 1 gear with all Myth Stones and Mythic affixes. I was using Fire MH and Poison OH for DoT damage. he also had Earthquake, Blood Magic, and Sanctuary. everything else was survival, damage, movement, and resource management. I was only leveling this character up to level 99 once for PVP, but I think if I made a build around Teleport & Twister on level 100 gear, it would do great. Teleport gives the Wizard great mobility while the Twister Taunts everything in range to the Twister. if you want the Wizard to focus on Crowd Control more, have the A.I set on lots of Twister, and low chance for Teleport for better CC. Ice would be best, since it slows enemies 50% and lowers the damage they do by 25%. if your Wizard also had Frostbiting, your Warrior could do even more damage when he hits the same targets while they are Freezed (stuck in that block of ice).
for Talents: if you go with Ice Element, use Focus or Cosmic (depending of if you want offense or defense), Wizardry (+1% per Rank to Freeze monsters), Magnify (increase the range of Twisters reach to Taunt monsters to it), and your choice of whichever Necklace Talent works best for your build.
on lower levels, HP and damage reduction work great, but at higher levels, need to switch to Dodge and Block, and maybe Sanctuary.
lastly, this is help for PVE. if you were looking for PVP ideas, then some of this wont help very much.


Thanks for the answer.

Taunt, Slow and Freeze. I like it, will definitly look into it.

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good luck with your Wizard.