Wizard inspiration

I’m looking for inspiraiton for a wizard build that can function as a hireling for my tank warrior.
I’m using taunt on my warrior to group up mobs, and letting my hireling finish them off.
Because of that - I’d prefer a ranged wizard build of some sorts.
There are a lot of reactor builds around - but it seems to me, that you need the wizard/hireling to run around very close to you to apply the damage. This results in the hireling dying a lot from my experience.
Hence - I’m trying to find a more ranged build. What I’ve considered so far is an aftermath build or something utilizing the wand - barrage/storm, but haven’t seen ANYTHING about a build like that:)

Any suggestions are welcome:)


I’m using an Aftermath build, with heavy meteors…feels like I’m calling in air strikes to support my warrior. Up the AoE, and he sits back and destroys mobs quite well.

Thats what I was considering ^ ^
Are you using 4 aftermath pieces for the set bonus or another setup? and what element are you using? For my ranger, I find that ICE dmg is pretty usefull for the freeze effect. It negates a lot of incomming dmg on my warrior, but dunno what you find most effective?

Yes, using 4 pieces to get the bonus, additional meteor proc on other items. 2 of the items had Aftermath set crafted on, thinking of creating pieces on other items and experimenting (been farming a ton, have 150+ of each crystal to play with)

What kind of element damage?:slight_smile:

I was using Ice, until about a month ago, I read something here, I think it was Griffin brought up that Arcane is the best to use as there is no opposite element. I felt he had a valid point and have been going with Arcane since

My wiz hireling reactor build dont die dat much cuz im using ice element wwhich freeze allmobs. Just put in ur ai setting avoid enemy 12-15m. If ur reactor build u dont need ur wiz to be arround u all the time to dps since orb will realease arc thats bounces with 5 enemies per sec and that is enough to kill most of the mobs. Also arc range from reactor is so big w/ magnify talent @Wack

Aftermath build is also viable specially if ur cp can handle the lag. Cuz this build can be very lagy on pack maps

Skullshield build is safeties build i gues. U just let ur hireling stand and let the skull barrage enemies around u.

I guess its time to grind floor 500 a bit to stock up on crystals and mythstones - maybe I should ascent my ranger 1 more time in the process;)