Wizard or rogue?

Witch do you prefer ?

And why?.

[quote=“texic”]Witch do you prefer ?

And why?.[/quote]


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Play both they’re both fun. Very different. So when you get tired of one play the other for awhile. I have both a rogue with wizard hire. And a wizard with a rogue hire going.

or play a rogue with wizard skills :wink:

2 Wizards. Main is an elemental and my hire is a necromancer.

Personally Wizard is more fun . Fast , Good AoE and a lot of dmg

Yeah, like 75% of players do. Playing warrior and rogue with spellsword :unamused:
Interesting gameplay, worth playing a different class to get the same skills than wizard :unamused:

Yeah… I followed someone’s advice and changed my rogue’s scatter shot to storm and the trap special to mirror image. I consider my rogue multiclassed now… My wiz hireling is jealous.

Bole your Rogue could be multiclassess when you will change OH special to torrent ;d Will be Ricochet from Rogue / Storm from Wizard / Torrent from Warrior :smiley: