Wizard PvP build

My main is warrior, feel that I have it setup ok. My 2’s teammate is going to be wizard. I don’t see to many except maybe Griffin. What is a decent build for wiz? Was going with whirlwind wiz but idk didn’t like it to much. Thanks.

Try the AFTERMATH build.

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Maybe even try the aftermath meteor god build from me? It is good but there are so many ways it can be better and can possibly still be viable for the meta. He has low hp though but deals great dmg. Stealth isn’t as good as used to be but still good nontheless.

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Yeah, I should suggest @CuzegSpiked’s Meteor God build or maybe @Griffin012’s Punch Me Till You Die. That’s it :smile:

Had a interesting fight against Crono warrior last night that was aftermath build was quite interesting.