[wizard ] summon

I change my build from skulldraga to summoner,
I can summon 3 monster and 1 big guy… how can
I make it more than 3 summon?

You must have “legion” talent on gear

(I am not good at english bro!)

Think legion no longer exists… I had it pre-1.7… Don’t have it anymore

I personally lost interest in making a wizard summoner… Just 3+1 summons sucks… Sorry


The best part of summoning is running around with a large horde, which @OP is no longer possible, 3+1 is it I do believe. D2 Necro with tons of skellys was great. But then again, I don’t play Wizard anyway, so just offering my personal opinion. :wink:

Legion still exists, it’s just that it increases minion hp instead

im also quite disappointed to the minion changes, having a horde of minions is really what makes summoner fun to me

Using skullshield and ice storm for now, a very fun combination, you guys should try it out, summoner feels really weak right now

I know that now we can boost and heal our minions activating the skills again… They move faster now but I don’t see me going floor 414 ep8(still stuck there) and use them… Maybe works for going through f1-200 on low EP for starters…

The skull shield seems nice but still keep using my mana shield (wich now reflects more damage thx)

My wizard hire was my amazing summoner. He is now bugged. He sits there and casts summon nonstop. Was amazing before when it was possable to get close to 30 minions now it just drains his HP and keeps him from actually attacking… I put “proc” skills just so I get the random attacks but it’s only a bandaid to the situation… I hope it gets fixed soon.