Wizard with rogue hireling 3.0(Final BUILD)


Rogue (option 1)

Rogue(option 2 )

Comment If you like or have some suggests!!

How to kill epic+ worms with heal affix:

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Why have +10% proc on wizard when you dont have proc affixes?

Daamnnn that +10 magnify is insaneee

To proc nova .Taunt(Ice) + nova(immolate) one Arrow explode every mob.


I put + 300 frostibiting (removed 2 glasscannon and guidedshot)

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Also It procs the skullshield because the amulet talents.Skullshield and mh especial skill also immolates.2 crushflames kill mobs faster and then explodes to kill epic +enemys.


I did not know it works like that woow interesting.

Kaiobbd could you post a video showing us a Dungeon run. I want to see your build in action.
Note: About heal affix on mobs, is better to remove it from the map using the Crystal Stone that change all the epic and lower affix; sorry don’t remember the name of the Crystal Stone.

You dont need to Skip heal affix with this BUILD😄.


i made some changes.Put this pet to triguer mirror image with deception on ring (30%enemys to miss)Also put more Frozen damage with frostibiting and Ice damage.Ambush on amulet with mirror image triguer shock effect for eletrecution .

And this one is my Full burst version(I love to kill big enemys with It :smile:)

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Amazing video, great frost explosions, tons of items, over 2 millions gold and fast Boss kill in less than 3 minutes. :+1: :+1: two thumbs up.

edit bane what happened to the pet on your wizard? a legend pet without set affix? Amazing!

I removed the set affix :smile:

You can also use epic pet