Hi guys!!

For first don’t take care about my bad English, i’m French…

So i’ve got some questions about the Wizzard :
-When I sumoned a creep, he got % of my HP and my Power?
-Weapon and elemental damage work on minnions summoned?
-If i’ve got weapon and elemental damage on my 1st weapon (staff…), does it work on the 2nd weapon (tome…)?
-What is the best type of Wizard for the PVP between the Archmage, the Elemebtalist and the Sumonners ?

That’s all for me :smile:
Have a good game :wink:

Try these page out might help you out.


Thx mate, I’ve already read some topics but it didn’t realy answer my questions… :x

I’m sorry don’t play wizard but I do know that If you have wep damg on mh its only for mh and oh only for oh. But I’m not sure about element damg.

Thx a lot :slight_smile: