WOO My Aftermath set [WIZARD] COMPLETE!

I finally did it guys, I completed my aftermath build. All of them have 25% quality, 6 crystal affixes from obsidian, (3 from kind developers) and overall complete to me. I worked very hard to complete this build as much as possible using nadroji and two crystalised set items to farm as many emeralds possible. It payed off in the end because i was able to get 25% quality on all of them within a week. The weapons i did first then the armour after i enhanced my crystalized sets to the max. Ill show you my complete set then in reply, my farming build.

I have been smashing players in battle arena with this set that I got to legend league very quickly and halfway to mythic league!! Level99 wizard pays off! My in game name is xx_gandalf420blazeit_xxx

This is my nadroji crystalized aftermath set. It is just as good as my main set but it has crystalized and nadroji as the difference. The best poart about the build is blinkstrike as well as twister and meteor procs. It initially did start off fresh but i edited the build as I farmed over 100 emeralds to get 25% on all 4 of my armour ( excluding weapons since i already farmed them a while back). I can do the same to eternalized but i havent tried yet and will let you know how good it really is. I might consider getting nadroji, crystalized and eternalized to 25% quality though. Both my crystalized sword and eternalized wand use the meteor ability so i smash enemies easier. If you decide to try making a similar build, good luck with that and I hope this helps. Note: for farming, aftermaths not always needed or meteor.

Nice build but I dont think blinkstrike is any good especially while not being a primary melee character. It is just annoying because you dont know when blinkstrike will activate and it wont target what you want especially in battle arena. You haven’t reached eternal league, thats when you REALLY know if you have a good build trust me lol

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dont worry about him… he just like me when just start play this game 3 month ago. furthermore i start play with meteor build too, similar right.? lol. wait till he got some more infos and understanding the game mechanism he will probably become as good as what build u have or maybe even me and even the tester. all he need is time to learn. rilex. 3 month is not that long. lol.

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My in game name is now Xx_BlazeItGanDalf_Xx

If you could get a elixer mythstone. +2 set affix is really worth it. +4 set affix cap.
You could maximize other set affixes like element set affix.

Fire = Inferno
Ice = Permafrost

You can max your epic affix with fluorite. (It rolls separately)

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Im now halfway up mythic league!!