Wooo just hit 99

Wooooooo just hit 99


GG, it’s time to ascend :slight_smile:

How I do that

From the shop! You can by one.

You need 5 000 000 gold to ascend 1st time. You will get reduced to lvl 1 and be able to choose 1 from 6 perks.

Which perk sud I pick :smiley: and just need 3m more.

It depends on if you want to ascend fast 6 times or not. If yes, Enshrined first so you get 3x more bonus from exp shrines. If not i would personally pick Treasured for 300% bonus on eternal and crystal legends or dealer perk to gain nice amounts of gold.

I went for treasured first and i dont think its the best one to choose first because a lot of the eternals u will get are not lv100 and you wont get enough gold ro convert them all with out a perk that gains u gold

I have chosen dealer 1st personally.

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If you already need money for your first ascend, you should take dealer, you won’t have any gold’s problem with it for your next ascend (it will cost 10 millions)

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Thanks all for tips I think I go dealer to get more gold :smiley:

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And don’t forget, use your eternal lucky pistols to farm 3m :wink:

I fogot about them haha think I sold them other day oops) :

ooooo ya :smiley:

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Good job man :smile:

Thanks now back to the grind :stuck_out_tongue:

congrats :smiley: how you got the holiday vanity?

how many times can you ascend your character?

I really can’t rember I think the devs gave everyone it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure sorry only done it once so far