Woot just got this

while lvling a new rogue lvl 200

Sad to break it to you, bit the rare nadroji items are the RING and the AMULET. Those both give +2 all set affixes and that’s why they are so rare. As far as I know, they both only drop past floor 300 and are very hard to find.

Its a good drop, use it to increase your rarity drop rate :smile:

I have the ring and Ammy already both also came from floor 200 -205

Nadroji crown is good for Blind Immune affix, seeing so many people using Overload in Arena :joy:

BTW it’s dropped on floor 200 ?

Huh? What? The nadrojis with +2 set affix?

Nadroji Robe is the rarest for me. Got only two ever, as compared to other Nadroji pieces. Have at least 3 sets of the other parts except Robe.

I mean the ring and amulet without the nadroji set affix, but with nadroji in the name. The items with +2 set affix, i thik the ring is called nadroji crystal or smth. Did you find that too?

Yes I did. Although those are old version of items, from before patch 1.8.1 if I recall correctly. You can’t get them anymore. The one’s floating around are from before the said patch left for whatever purposes. I have an old Eternal Nadroji Ring that I dabbled with months ago. :smiley:

I didn’t know those are rare at first. on my 2nd week playing I was really lucky to get Nadroji’s Ring and Amulet at floor 145 and 162. I’ve started playing Oct. 30th so about 3 weeks now.