Working on a rogue deadly build any suggestions

Iam wondering if i should go on all 6 crystal deadly strike with deadly arts or add so health kinda stuck at deciding

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You only need 1-2× crystal affix deadly strike for deadly arts. Deadly strike cap can only be up to 60% (75% with epiphany) and that means deadly arts effect only works up to the cap.

If you’re a rogue, having deadeye talent will help because it can save you a crystal affix slot which can be used for another crystal affix you may need.


Whats the cap for crit damage

Probably use deadly strike.

Iam trying to go all damge and these sets seem like they not doing anything like pathfinder and equality i get little damage buffs when i have dodge and health/mana :sob::sob::sob::rage:

Oh god nvm iM HITTING like 40k

try perse