World record of damage

Got 181 k critted by a hacker with 6900 power like an hour ago :slight_smile:

congrats :smiley:

yeah i also got troubles with hacker they cant be touch either… how can i report them?>? maybe you could recommend an app that can take in game snapshot. im on android 6.1

i never battle hackers so i cant feel u guys pain well i probably did but didnt notice. Only guys i have trouble with is alberpogi vit con and some other guy he has tank with op scalp i never seen power past 3000 i dont think its possible but just screenshot like u normally would do when u come in contact with the hacker

w/ legit 1hit k.o build just for fun though not advisable for hiking top1
heres mine @Achilles :smile: @Dust @I.U


do a screen shot using key combination for android.

6900 power with edited eternals, forgot to screenshot gear tho

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Jezus thats some damage

that moment when you realize your power is higher than your hp :smile:

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Thats like when goku went over 9000

SSJ4 mode lol

After calculation,my arrow can over 1M :laughing:

Picture please

ur caculator or formula must be broken lol :smile: did u even consider that players do have dmg reduc in pvp :wink: ? and affixes,stats,mythics are nerf to 80% and max lvl 20 hero.


base dmg + element dmg - def - dmg reduc - element resist :smiley:

There’s not even an armor stat.

u tellem captain skaul lol

Boss Royki please help me for my rouge chakram build for pvp.

Not wanting the top just at least division 3 for eternal league :slight_smile: