Wow Eternal Bloodless Victory!

Is this for real? I dont believe that i get this! Maybe God gave this to me as the fruit of my hardworkship. For months of playing and money spending just to buy gold to get eternal chest, and then when i open the chest this just overwhelm me with happiness! Btw my next target is eternal cerberus pet :slight_smile: ill just pray again to God to get that pet :slight_smile:

gamekiller for what?

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For requesting a ban.

Edit: He got flagged.


β€œI’ll just pray again to GameKiller to get that pet.”* :smiley:


Wow your op. Someday I may be like you. I am still trying to hunt eternal flawless victory. The gold ain’t too hard but its the chest grinding that gets me and I got hored after my first eternal chest. My first eternal chest did give me eterbalized wand which inspired me to start a farming build since its got 10 fortune.


This further strengthens my postulate that all cheaters are airheads.

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