Wrong description


Masochism set in Codex have in description that it increases healing/hp, and when above 50% hp healing damages you. When you look at the physical item description, the thing that is correct is that healing damages you but instead of hp/healing buff you see damage buff. Didn’t test how the item works if it buff hp/healing or damage.

Also look at this screen item on the left:

Item have earthquake mythic and his name is nova hammer. The should also have wrong name, becouse it has alchemy mythic and is named exposed shield.

Hey! Ty for the reports.
The bug already got fixed with the latest patch, unless if you have created it before the patch.

Yeah, shield was created before the patch, but the hammer was created 2 days ago in patch 2.2.

What did you do? Can’t reproc it.

The hammer on screen is crystal legend drop from long time ago, i don’t even remember what legend that was. Then i removed everything from it, only block chance left. Added crystals that gives sockets and crafted earthquake. Maybe it depends when item was dropped not created? If so, sorry for problems ;c

Item on screen may be warrior Crystal Gelid Smasher becouse it have epic block, and this one have crystal block. I also had equipped warrior Insolence with nova mythic. while crafting this hammers earthquake. But im sure i crafted it after patch 2.2