Wtf!? Already in division 1 eternal league Update: got first and 2011 ratings at one point

I thought I didn’t make it there and I did grind a lot to try and get there but 11th place? Well I’m glad that I’m facing the right enough opponent to get there and feel the real challenge.

This video perfectly sums up to my reaction when I saw myself up there.


Congratulations @CuzegSpiked

Go all the way to the top and stay there.

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Grats Cu. Cheering for ya take take top spot and show the cheaters out there it can be done without the need for hacks.

Ok I will. Cheater I rip through with ease anyways but yeah, a challenge to upload to get to the so close!

Im waiting at the top my friend…
Have mercy to my character :wink:

Push your limit mr. Barbarian! :wink:

CHUPIPOY :smiley:

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Yeah I’m struggling to get to stay in division 1 but I’m not giving up now. I’m gonna try other solutions until I stay there.

Also I ripped through cheater super fast. Seriously.

I’ll have to think up my AI character and try and get that solved to make things easier.

Nice after some incremental changes, I knew I’d progress higher. Just keep battling I suppose.

Highest rating so far. Getting boring facing same opponents but I did get better at killing them. So many eternal chest too lol. Root ftw it seems. I’m coming for you @Mr_Scooty . Also raplayer removed from top huh? oh well.

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Sounds great @CuzegSpiked

My wizard needs a new friend. I took out my warrior today and am not sure when I will place him back.

Ok then. Sounds good.

it got boring when everyone is spamming CerebCortex. specially poison/fire/bleed dps types. its like kiling yourself. way back then when i used to gear for 500k-ish hp with my warrior(this is on pvp), it was more fun

I got caught at a fb DQ group fight and the result is they reported my acc :frowning:


I sent you a direct message with the reason your account was removed. Y

I promise you, I don’t use CV or Earthquake. Why? I don’t like them. Simply that’s why. I haven’t set up my AI either. If I do, maybe I’d use it or probably go for the enigma spam types. Idk.

Also I finally got to face Mr scooty. Challenging but I can still defeat. The wizard that is. Now to see his warrior…

Oh I’m coming in hot with a scoundrel wizard. Never before seen out of the wood works just need to make a couple more changes. Somehow spent over 8 amethysts to get plagued but I think I’m close to completing it

Cool. Btw I’m nearly at top 3. Doing really well

Update: just reached top 3 division 1 1v1.

What is your previous IGN?

Update: WOW IM FIRST! WOOO! I knew it!

Dew it. Blew it. Screw it. Kill him now. Emperor Palpatine lol.


That is outstanding!! Congratulations. :+1:

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my warrior used to have 19mil hp. using prayer and relying on vampiric touch for heals, i setup my AI to spam Toss. ever since CerebVortex came out things changed