Wtf - killed by dead mob?

Hows this work, cant be targeted, has no health bar, for all intents, its dead, but still fires at me and can kill me. Slight bug… MAJOR BUG !!!


It seems on packsize maps, after killing mobs, sometimes they dont really die, yet you cant do anything to them, but they can still kill you. Pretty fair. 0.o

Ikr. That bug with the zombies has been around for a long while , it’s strange how I somehow solved it with my rooting magic lmao.

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It seems to be more occuring on lower end devices. My shield doesnt really ever see this, my s6 occasionally sees it, my tablet sees it most often. Coincidence? Shrug.

But yes, pretty lame. Ugh. Im assuming we wont see this fixed based on your claim its long running bug, and devs seem to be moving on to new game?

Tbh, if I had not rooted my S6, my phone would be unusable since it’s outdated but thanks to root, it feels like a new flagship lmao.

Unusable as in constant crashes, not being able to play some games smoothly, etc. I had to remove crap apps and stuff to keep it up to speed.

Hmm, strange. My s6 still works great, but its clearly no nvidia shield.

Yep. Well my S6 was filled with crapware and stuff that I had to root it to remove it , custom ROM, etc to actually make good use of it , especially for gameplay.

Also that Samsung DVFS heavily slows me down by thermal throttling constantly even when I don’t need it or when devices very cold so that’s another thing and yeah, the device felt stuttery until I revived it. Now it’s like having it on my first day but better.

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its a game bug. It already happen to me.

The uncountable amount of times it happens to me, especially on my old S3 mini lmao. It’s a wonder I’m even doing well lmao.

i am using a Blade L3 of 2016 . And it works fine then some bugs happen like having a mob follow me like a pet, getting killed by no reason, get killed by a dead mob.

didn’t you said you are a rebel? deal with it :joy:


Rofl… you got me.

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