what in the heaven!?!?
umm, actually I’m no English native either.
but, it would be very helpful for all of us in the forum if we use English.

gw g ngerti sama sekali lu ngomong apa, tapi kalo ngerti ya alhamdulillah, PM aja kalo mau make bahasa lokal dan semacamnya.

see what I did there?

I will translate it to english… I told xmarks the top 1 rank on ep8 to update his version of DQ…hahaha

The version of 1.4.4 has issues on removing enchant of map…that’s xmarks secrect on highest floor leaderboards ep8…top 1…hahaha…

Hahaha i was guessing that

The latest version requires you to update before logging in to your account…that’s a good development…more power and keep it up DQ developers…

Crushing Blow and Frostbite is my secret and my DQ version is always updated…

And I already got a legend pet from the latest version…So sorry for this little kid “aSar”, you’re just bitter of my achievements…

Go get a life…

This screen shot came from xmarks friend…hahaha…ngayon ka lang nag-update.chinat ako ni Ar-Ey…

Look. Look at the bottom left. There is a number. It is. 2,147,483,647. I call hax.

this. is. AWESOME!

@shutnik the screen shot came from xmarks friend he told me everything that’s why I posted all the chat screen shots…hahaha…the character of his friend is wizard the 1st ss I posted in this thread…

By the way… I want to share my two characters.so who’s the little kid??.

So whats that got to do with the 2b gold? And I cant read Filipino btw…

this. is. AWESOME!

Then how did you know that our conversations are in Filipino??

I know how it looks… Iblived in indonesia for a year and filipino is quite similar. And btw thats clear to me because filipinos always play mobile games and sry for stereotypes :stuck_out_tongue:

this. is. AWESOME!

That’s cool…hahaha…

So… 2b sounds like haxx unless he is a nolife of course.

this. is. AWESOME!

Obviously it is a hack…hahaha…well that’s their style…for me I don’t need to use CHEATS to play the game…I’m hooked to this game since last year to the point I need to purchase 1 slot and the angelic set…hahaha…

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… Admins… It is time! Use the banhammer! Smash it down hard!

this. is. AWESOME!

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