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Build help or guide? :smile: mind if fix the nature?.

How to get crystal block on mh?

@Dust u cant get it from rolling obsidian u need to farm that certain lance that has block affix. (der is also an inferno helm that has block affix and also armor (forgot the name))
also b4 i got crystal ring that has block affix too. (not sure if this ring stil around)
Edit: sorry wrong spellong what i meanth was cant not can lol(cant get via obsi)

@Eater nope he just want to show that his build is legit since he has been move to ban league a moment ago

@Cuong27 the prob was u keep editing ur eternal pet affix (someone must have kept an eye on ur pet ) and reported ur trophy.

Ok always thought you can ony get it on oh

@Eater ok

@roykiyoy I see thanks don’t have a wifi for now cant check whats happening at arena

I think Mh lance edited … how did you make cosmic orb myth you need 4 slot and you have defiant block ED% too LoL

you got a sharp eye @SilentKiller


Lost all my obsi finding block on my mh. :sob:

U could have infinit of Obsidian, wouldn’t put block in a MH. U are just showing the whole comunity that u are a edited player… In the new topics, 3 out of 10 someone are saying that u are edited. And a Epic Lance with Green Afix? Just stop mate.
Edit: not mentioning the whole bunch of reports u have in the report topic.

@johnstah lol u cant roll block on mh only on oh if u want blok% on other gear u need to farm certain crystal gears like lance w/ block inferno hat w/ block. armor and ring w/ block dey are all from warrior gear (forgot the name)

very nc epic gear w/ defiant affix and 100% ed lol.

@roykiyoy aw ahaha whatta noobish me… :smile:

Applying quartz too an item will remove it’s legendary status so that epic item is possible but yes cuong is known too use a modded game version and the server must have noticed this. You are still welcome on the forums however cuong! :smile: