Yes! I feel truly no1 and top 3 is wizard warfare

Now I feel truly no1 because my build is basically proper and finished. I faced clogon and then beat him 3-1 which happened to be my 3rd win but after my 15th streak, the scary thing was that clogon appeard again at my 14th streak and I lost 2-3. Smashing basically everyone really. Meepawn was close battle and so was emman and that.

I feel 98% satisfied now with my build and other things are just minor setbacks that can be done about.

Its cool for me to reach there beating clogon with 3k hp only and terrashaper helping whenever it could. With the high dmg based off lohmo as well. I tore through a tabk with build with 100k hp in seconds once in my jour ey to streaking as much as I could. He was not the best of warriors but he died in SECONDS! !! That was when he forgot his shieldwall and it was funny seeing that guy die. I don’t knoe who he is but he is familiar.


The top people who deserve top poisition should be meepawn, clogon and me. Kissmyaxe is just a poison clogon clone who isn’t that hard to beat. I feel proud to BE TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!!

Anither achivement get!: Reach 3000 ratings for the very first time as a true feeling of being no1.

You really did it nice

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Argh now it boring as theres always same or similar opponent and it loops them now. So much for the quest for no1! @SteigerBox you need to make it so arena will always have different opponent and not loop opponent at no1 or no3 place. If that happens, I get the true testimony of how my build works and see it true power.

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I had the same feeling but once I got to top 1 I got bored.


Ofc I would feel the same. It feels good but then it boring. I wonder how bill gates feels!?

Meepawn is a cheater. He will get flagged soon.

I figured lol. He way too hard. If he goes, clogon is my only true enemy and yea. I think I beat clogon abour 6-7 times now but I onky beat clogon flawlessly once or twice on first victory against clogon.

My comment deleted? Rofl. So fast to accuse so slow to reply. Can you please show your evidences for accusing me refia? Im playing in peace, dont even want to involve in this forum.

Alright. Prettyboy. Which account do you want to keep? Your current one or or this account:
It’s against the forum rule to keep 2 accounts.

Making a new account will not change the fact, that you have cheated with “PRETTYBOY” nor making you to a fair player by cheating with an unflagged account.

Oh so you based your accusation from the past? Alright then can you explain why you want me to flag?

I learned from my past mistakes rofl. People cant change?

congratulations! and you’ll post your build or is it a big big secret?

Show me your build in private plz. I will justify whether its cheating or legit by then. If you can’t do that, you really are cheater. Stupid f***ing eternal league system makes it hard to see eternal which is the stupidest thing I ever seen. They need to make eternals seen to everyone so its easier to report hackers or a better idea is have an ingame checker and if it finds a hacked item, it will auto reveal it without your knowledge and as a consequence revealing all of your build. I think everyone can benefit from this including the accused. I bet you right now ppl accuse me of hacker but I no hacker I can assure ppl that. No eternals at all. Only way to know also is post your build to @Refia in private as well so that he can tell whether you cheat or nah. He won’t copy your build at all because he won’t have time for that anyways and also copying isn’t as satisfying as making your own unique build. Also @Meepawns aka @PRETTYBOY , when did you get accused of cheating in the past and also why the hell would you cheat if that were true. No1 place is so boring and theres no point playing becz you will only waste gold and face same opponent all over again.

Also how on earth do you beat clogon becauze I know how I beat clogon. I use coat as luck, high dmg, lucky hits, stealth to keep him in the open procs, energy at half full or full, etc etc. He easy somrtimes but sometimes he impossible.

Stealths weakness is that you can still get affected by knock back effects, twisters knockback/sucking, fear and tuant, vanish blind and frozen sometimes.

Which is why I sometimes lose against clogon or win so easily.

If that’s the way then ill show my gear to refia. Im not a fan of eternals you cant see that on my set except pet and trophy. I do beat clogon and sometimes not. By experience you will learn how to beat that set up. My first account which is PRETTYBOY flagged not because i edited stuffs or having eternals or items boosted. I just bought premium vanity using an app, my cousin taught me which i am so regretful. Now having this 2nd account, playing fairly, peacefully, refia will flag me because i am PRETTYBOY :slight_smile:

Well, I kinda feel bad for you man if you are really playing fair and you’ll get flagged because your previous account had premium vanities. I hope they let you keep your account and not get flagged. But then, that’s IF you aint really doing anything against the rules. BUT if they got strong proof, I guess it is what it is.

The Devs will check it, not me. If you have any concerns please contact the support directly:

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