Yes. Reached eternal league again (not division 1 but I'm getting there)

I reached there using my rogue Xx_ReySkywalker_Xx using the Chakram Discordance Orb reactor build even though it was meant for PvE. I ripped through 100k hp players sometimes like butter. Highest MMR I got was 1370. I’ll edit my build some bit to see how much higher I could go with more dmg and hp (I hate CV sometimes).

To anyone in Eternal League or close to it, I wish you best of luck. Also I had only 1k hp.

Edit: my build was meant for campaign but did well in PvP


Oh, see ya there mate :smile: My Mage is expecting a good match from your Ai :wink:

welcome back to eternal league sir

Thanks. Rng trolling me some obsidians to adjust my PVE build to PvP to reach division 1. All I need is more HP and more dmg to reach division 1.

Edit: as I said that, I gained 2 extra obsidian on ground floor 568 and 1 obsidians from converting plain legends. First RNG troll me in crystal and now it troll me in getting legends.

My AI might not be that good but I am planning to create a second PVP build for AI as warrior and attack as rogue or maybe my rogue might have good defense.

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Some legit players already got bored in battle arena. The reason is very obvious because of many cheaters in BA and there main purpose is to irritate all legit players.

Yeah I get ya. I was bored of arena for ages but I decided to enter now and yeah. I am gonna teach those cheater a lesson. Meepawn was one of those who made me hate arena so much sometimes. Anyway, since I deal such insane DPS, I should tear through them no problems and I am also planning a frustrating AI build which is basically an almost undefeatable warrior that even cheater can’t defeat unless they deal a million dmg in one shot. I am trying to figure that out but lot of trial and error. If someone can reduce 10k dmg to 100, 100k to 1000 and 1M to 10k, then I should try too and see if it’s still possible. That’s for my defense build idea. I haven’t acted on it yet but my insane DPS build I will act on first before the AI.

Still, CV annoying as hell but I’ll use it in the frustrating build idea to payback those low HP or mid up CV player whilst using super high regen and reduce high Dmg to low dmg. I sure hope i can make this a reality. Rip more crystal lol.

Welcome Back!!! :grin:

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Thanks bro! Can’t wait to face you! My strategy to get eternal league was simply vault to enemy and throw one orb, press Oh and watch as I insta killed or reduced them to sanctuary before they die. Worked well until I reached division 5 and I used ice element . I had 1k hp though and sanctuary and my undoing was those fking CV. Also I had shitty internet and using 4G now and used so much to get eternal league too.

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Ok I edited my build and I managed to reach division 2 but no further. I’m just gonna see what further changes I might need.

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