Yet another Eternal bought from the Vendor

The Vendor a lot of times does not know what he has. Listed as Legendary, and found to be an Eternal. Here have a look.

I’ll of course trade it in. Probably for a rare Crystal. But I have it for the future via the codex if I need it.

I have this happen occasionally. Its nice

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if you have a crystalline set it has a high chance of having that kind of item

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Yeah, when dreams come true. Just saying, cause I’m above floor 200 and have yet to see anything of what those on maps above 200 are even talking about. Crystaline what the f. Talk to me when I get there. Love ya all, please don’t take this as a negative.

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Vendor ftw affected by luck , Eternalized, Crystalline. Probably also the treasured ascension perk. Even though the crystals may be a rip off, the legends like the cheapest ones can be good and turn into something like eternal or crystal legend.

Vendor becoming less useful each time but he has some uses.

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In the end, likr everything else its all about money. Sad but true…


I keep reading all these posts mentioning crystal legends, but every one ive found seems kinda junky. Am i missing something, or is what makes crystal only a single amped up stat.

In my case, always seems to be hp or mp. :confused:

There are Crystals, and Mythstones to change your items. The best items are either legendary or eternal. There are several “sets” running around, the best ones of course don’t appear unril later in the game. For example “permafrost” “vampiric” and “electrified” are all sets. Hope this helps, maybe somebody else can explain it better.

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Yup also crystal legends are a nice way to save obsidian crystals being used.

Say you want crystal gold find but you don’t want to spend an obsidian. Well finding a crystal legend version of say Satyrs spirit gives you that and you can reroll it to max . Also you can easily craft it into a mythic and add many useful affixes.

That’s not the only example but it is a big example when it comes to making farm builds.

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random crystal drops are random, you get what you get. the reason people get so happy with them is that they have the highest affix cap, if the affix can be crystal. if you have enough of the right crystals, you can make a crystal item with the crystal affix that you want for you own personal build. one crystal affix is like having 2-3 of the same epic affixes, so you are saving space for other affixes.
as for the vendor, I got a level 1 Eternal Golex’s Gauntlet. the +4 attack was awesome! sure, can’t level it up, but great for low level character when ascending.

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Thanks guys. Still learning the ropes here. Just about finished my 4th ascension.

It always happen to me. It is exactly as picking items from ground: Sometimes they look legends on ground, but are eternal on bag (inb4 slaying mythic enemies)