Yet Another Random Map Generator Suggestion!

here is another random map generator or RMG suggestion:

-make random map generator available in the main screen.
-only allow characters above lvl 99 to access it.
-players are allowed to configure ONLY these following settings:
— 100 to 2000% luck
— 100 to 2000% item drops
— 100 to 2000% gold find
— 100 to 2000% exp gain


-map affixes are not limited to how many they usually are.
-the percentage, type of affix (negative or positive for the player), and the number of affixes are generated based on the percentage of the odds (luck, item find, gold, exp).
-the higher the odds percentages should also result to higher number of negative map affixes and also each of its percentages.
-increase negative map affix percentages from max 200% to 1000%
-new map affixes
—prop explosion AOE
—enemy dodge (max 60%)
—enemy crit (max 60%)
—respawn price increase
—respawn limit
—(anything else that would make it really difficult to complete the map)
-enemy hp affix should be increased back to how much it used to be or probably more.
-make it so that a player would have to spend more time to kill the map elite or boss, just like in those full featured PC action RPG games.
-limit the use of RMG per hour or day, devs decision.
-the better the odds of the map, the more expensive it should be.
-a co-op mode, perhaps?

I hope the devs would put this into consideration.
HAH! how about that for a first post!

Have a nice day!

I like most of the parts. Increased risk with increased rewards seems reasonable.